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Taste of Georgetown

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The Cuisine of Taste of Georgetown

Asam Laksa is made of rice spaghetti which serves with Asam fish broth, fresh cucumber, onion slices and mints. Penang Hokkien Char is also known as the fried prawn noodle of South Malaysia. It requires the skilful technique of frying and heat control. Taste of Georgetown’s Lor Bak are all self-made so that you can get to taste the best of it. The salty Lor Bak suits perfectly with the sweet and spicy sauce.




The Freshness of Ingredients Is a Must

Taste of Georgetown is a place where you can satisfy your craving for Penang local delicacies. The quality and the freshness of the ingredients is always the first priority when coming to preparing food.



Feel the Penang Culture from Taste of Georgetown

Taste of Georgetown gives you an affordable way to sample authentic dishes and truly see the real culture of Penang. With high-end restaurants and hotel dining rooms, you don’t really get to see the culture surrounding you, whereas street food allows you to get a real taste of Penang’s life.

Taste of Georgetown


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