Ginmit TV

Ginmit TV

Ours Retail Store

With Ginmit extension of service to the end user market, they had catered the needs in 3 main cities in Malaysia. With the new concept store in Kempas, Johor, they have differentiated the store into 6 main zones which are DIY, Bathroom, Kitchen Lifestyle, Windows & Doors and lastly Decor zone.



The Unique of Ours Flexible Pole System

With your home planning needs in minds, they are able to create a ready designed solution for your furniture. It allows for infinite designs and offer unlimited combination, it is now possible to design you own workplace, wardrobe, console unit, commercial area with the aid of our sophisticated flexible pole system & fittings.




The Quality of Ours Tap

A process that starts from the arrival of production materials to the quality testing and packaging. All eyes followed by skilled experts and hands over the years and the experience they learn to every part of the tap, to find even the slightest flaw, to improve every aspect of production to have a very high quality product.



The One Stop Solution by Ginmit

They offer a one-stop source for tool design and fabrication, engineered zinc alloy die casting, custom plastic extrusion together with value-added secondary operations and complete with product finishing. Incorporating the production processes in one facility, they are able to ensure controlled production process at all levels, in the terms of term of time and effort.

Ginmit TV


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