Coffee Signature

Coffee Signature

Chic Place For The Youngster

Coffee Signature is a fairly new addition to the cafes and restaurants. With its black two storey container concept, modern interior and fancy drinks, Coffee Signature is an avid Instagrammer’s dream.



Cuisine of Coffee Signature

With a lush spread of Western fare to choose from, patrons that venture into Coffee Signature will find treats like breakfast platters, waffles and ice-cream, salad bowls, churros, and hot chocolate in a cone.




Atmosphere of Coffee Signature

Coffee Signature Container Cafe is made of black containers stacked together. Coffee Signature has the usual hipster winning decor combination of black, wood, steel and succulents assuring you a cool but laid back vibe for your event.



The Popular Beverage in Coffee Signature – Sweet Rain

The special drink will be the Sweet Rain (甜心雨) which is beautifully set up a coffee or tea under the cloud like with raindrops. The cloud is makes of cotton candy and it will start to melt when the vapor raise to the cotton candy and it will drips down as the raindrops. The taste of the coffee and tea mixed with the cotton candy is decent and it contains a very nice fragrance of coffee which make people enjoy in the coffee’s scent.

Coffee Signature


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