BOSS LEE Restaurant

BOSS LEE Restaurant

About BOSS LEE Restaurant

BOSS LEE Restaurant follows the generations-honed recipe of Jacky and Sam Lee which has been fine-tuned through their combined 20 years of culinary experience. They mostly based on modern cuisine foods which are unique and scrumptious.



Quality of Food Always Is the First Priority

BOSS LEE’s food quality is being well maintained and the equipment even allow them to keep on inventing new cuisines. They always invent new cuisines and update the menu from time to time, so that customers will have the chance to try new cuisine.




Provide Experienced Chefs and Assistants

A good food is a taste and texture experience, but also the service experience. In BOSS LEE all of their service crew is well trained and every chef and assistant in their kitchen keep the highest quality in every ingredient.



Taste of Home

With the innovative effort of our team, each dish has their unique taste of home which you only can found in BOSS LEE. other than that, we also offer a cozy environment where you enjoy your dining in a home-like atmosphere.

BOSS LEE Restaurant


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