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Alcor System

About Alcor System

Alcor System specialises in bathware and accessories, adhering to a philosophy of high international standards and long-lasting elegance. They have come a long way from producing only ceramic tiles to creating a diverse range of surfacing and bathware products that’ll inspire the most eclectic of art connoisseurs.



The Elegance of Alcor System

Alcor System Bathware is the epitome of elegance. For a lifestyle that’s modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Their products are an extension of living space. The space that reflects your individuality in your personality, thoughts, dreams and imagination.




Technology that Alcor System Used

The technology and expertise used to create their bathware masterpieces comes from leading sanitary ware experts. This includes robots for glazing, semi-pressure casting lines, automated dryers and high performance kilns.



Alcor System and The Enviroment

Their products are inspired by nature’s ingenuity, which is why they’ve taken steps to ensure the production processes are environmentally friendly, from their facilities to their practices. They’ve employed the latest international, environmentally conscious production techniques and machinery that impresses highest quality standards.

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